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Texas drain cleaningMost plumbers are called in Houston Texas to help prevent water damages from leaking pipes. Water damage can be pretty pricey that’s why most people call because a plumber can find the cause of a leak fairly fast.

Leaks can turn into emergency plumbing in Houston Texas and destroy your plumbing system. To be honest you having a plumbing inspection and making sure your backflow vents are properly working can be a money saver.

If you’re looking for water leaks in Houston Texas

If you have water leaking we have a few ways to figure it out and then call a local Houston plumber.

  • First, you want to check your water meter after about an hour of running the dishwasher or washing machine you should look at your water meter again and see if it has changed. If this is the case and it has changed you need to call a licensed plumber that can investigate the leak.


  • Add food coloring to the toilet bowl. This can often show if you have a leak in the bowl. You will want to look for seepage from the tank when you are flushing the toilet. A leaking toilet can run unnoticed and can be a big impact on why your water bill is so high.


  • If you have discoloration on your ceiling and walls. Look for any browning area on the walls or ceiling this can prevent leaks from getting worse or even before they become a larger problem.

Reaching out to a plumbing professional in Houston Texas can set proper installs or repairs to your plumbing system before it can cost you thousands of dollars.

Our services in Houston Texas include:

What a Houston plumber can help with

Our Houston Texas plumbers understand that plumbing issues arise at any time and damages can severely wreck a home if not taken care of within at least 24 hours or less.

So don’t let standing water sit there because it can also cause mold which grows fairly fast in Texas.

For professional plumbing services in Houston or the surrounding area call now, 844-423-0056.

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