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Do you have a running toilet or issues flushing your toilet? Well, we have local plumbers that can help you with solving the issues of a running toilet or having issues with flushing.

Plumbers for toilet repair

If you hear rumbling hissing or any thumping when you’re flushing? Or possibly need more than one flush for the water to go down? Your toilet’s fill valve flapper or flush valve can be the issue.


Common reasons for a running toilet


Here are some of the most common reasons for a toilet to run or flush:


  • The toilet runs constantly
  • The toilet fills up slow or it won’t fill up
  • The toilet makes noise


toilet repair plumbersThese are some of the reasons why people call for a plumber to come out and repair the toilet or replace the toilet. Sometimes it might be better just to replace the toilet instead of repairing it but a plumber can advise you.


A running toilet can also be considered “ghost flushing” and you should advise a plumber if your toilet is always running because it can mean that the bowl is leaking or your valves are not working properly.


A plumber will use a dye to see if the tank has any leaks. Most plumbers advise if you have a running toilet that you should have it replaced.


When replacing a toilet you will also want to check the water supply but most plumbers will check and replace the water supply line to be safe.


If the tank is taking too long to fill up check the flush valve or flapper. With constant leaks which are what you have with a running toilet, you might need to replace the toilet seal or other repair parts.


Connect with a plumber about a running toilet


You can always call a plumber near you for a running toilet and to be honest, most plumbers fix running toilets and drain issues.


So to solve ghost flushing a repair might be necessary but replacement isn’t far behind with toilets.


Have a plumber look for leaks or cracks at the back of the toilet. Most common you will have water running down the sides of the toilet to indicate any leaks.


The average toilet cost anywhere from $120 to $180 to replace and you will come away cheaper if you go out and purchase the toilet and then have a plumber install it.


But advise a plumber for toilet replacement you can call 844-423-0056 to be connected to a plumber that can fix your running toilet.

It might be best to also know how a toilet works before you try and repair it. Most toilet issues will need the help of a plumber in the area.

When you working on the toilet you want to follow these steps:

  • You don’t want to over-tighten anything
  • Follow the codes
  • Use with care
  • Make sure the parts you buy will fit the toilet

Know when to repair or replace your toilet

If your toilet leaks, you may want to look at the supply line and replace the line as needed. You may want to check to see if the fill valve assembly is secured to the bottom of the tank? This can be an issue for most toilet leaks.

On the chance that the leaks continue check the bolts and gaskets where the tank and toilet connect tighten them as needed. But if the leaks or running toilet continues it is best to recommend replacing the bolts and gaskets.

You can also check if the tank is cracked anywhere (the cracks can be small) if the tank is cracked just replace the tank, if not replace the whole toilet. A plumber in the area can always help too.

When the toilet won’t flush correctly you may be dealing with a clog. Shut off the water immediately and unclog the toilet and turn the water back on.

Our plumbers for toilet repair are in Lake Orion or you can get a Detroit toilet repair plumber too.

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