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Preventing Water Damage in Your House

Proper way to take care of water damage

Water damage can be significant and costly to any homeowner. Here are five tips to help you avoid water damages in your home.

Preventing water damage
  1. Regularly have maintenance checks – conduct routine inspection either from you or a licensed plumber nearby. Look closely for leaks, cracks, and wear and tear. Addressing these issues quickly can prevent larger problems down the line. You should also look at your home’s roof, gutters, and foundation.
  2. Properly maintain your roof – your roof is your home’s first line of defense against any water entering. Inspect your home for any missing shingles or damaged shingles, deteriorated flashing or clogged gutters. Keep your roof well maintained to prevent leaks from any heavy rain.
  3. Clean your downspouts – make sure they are working properly to help direct water away from your home’s foundation. A little water isn’t bad because it helps your soil but you don’t want puddles around your home. Regularly remove debris and leaves and other blockages from your gutters so the rainwater runs free.
  4. Install a proper drainage system – if your home is prone to flooding or pooling water, consider installing a drainage system such as French drains in Michigan, sump pump in your basement, and a grading adjustment can help you redirect water away from your home and prevent it from infiltrating your home’s foundation.
  5. Maintain your appliances and plumbing – check for leaks and drips from all appliances like your washer, dishwasher, water heater, and fridge. Replace the hoses and pipes as you see fit with newer more durable ones. We would also like to mention you should know where your main water shutoff is so you can quickly turn of the water in your home in case of a leak.

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Water damage prevention is key

With plumbing remember prevention is key when it comes to water damage and yes plumbers in Michigan can help with water damage issues. Stay on top of the inspections and repairs if you have them in your home. Water damage repairs when they are small can save you money, time, and stress. If your unfamiliar with the water issues that are happening in your home its a good idea to consult with a local plumber or water damage professional in the field

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