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When You Need A Macomb Plumber

macomb plumberNow you might not think this is too serious but there are mistakes that can happen with your plumbing and it can cost you a lot of money to get them repaired.

Some of these maybe easy and other maybe hard and you will want to call out a local Macomb plumber.

  • Putting to much weight on your bathroom fixtures. We recommend that you don’t hang anything from the shower head the weight can cause problems.
  • Using your toilet as a garbage can is a no no. We know how tempting it can be to throw everything  in the toilet but it creates clogs and clogs are bad. No your face wipes need to go in the trash.
  • Improperly cleaning your drains, when you have a clog don’t reach for the liquid stuff in the cupboard. Call a plumber in Macomb for a simple solution.
  • Don’t settle for a temporary fix, yes we all can do things around the house but not everyone is a plumber. Calling us can save you time and a flooded basement.  You don’t deserve any mistakes with your plumbing. No one should have to deal with leaky pipes. There is no shame in calling a professional.

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