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5 Questions to ask a Lapeer Michigan Plumber

When you have a plumber come out to your house in the Lapeer Michigan area there are some very important questions you may forget to ask them but you need to.

  • Does your company charge for estimates? If this answer is yes you want to keep searching for a local plumber in Lapeer.
  • Are your plumbers licensed? And if they say yes you are on the right track, but any plumber can say yes but you may want to ask them a few knowledge questions before they come out.
  • Do your plumbers charge hourly or a flat rate? If it’s hourly check to make sure that the cost has the labor included. Plumbers sometimes like to over charge on some jobs.
  • How long as your plumbing company been around is a common question and you should always ask. A plumber that as been in business 10 + years should be a good one to talk with.
  • What is the warranty policy? Is a great question, it should be if it breaks call us and we will replace it. Plumbers in Lapeer should always back their work no matter what it is.

If you are still in the question phase for a local Lapeer plumber give us a call 844-423-0056. And we will schedule you a plumber or drain cleaning expert today in the Lapeer area.

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