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Installing A Toilet Step-by-Step

Bathroom remodeling is one of the best things you can do to help value your home. Installing a new sink, fixtures, lighting fixtures, and new flooring or basic bathroom upgrades but sometimes you have to update your toilets.

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We have broken down how to safely install a new toilet.

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When removing the Current toilet. You want to shut off the water at the water shut-off valve. This is located on the wall behind your toilet. After that, you’re going to want to flush the toilet to drain the bowl. You can use a plunger to get the rest of the water that doesn’t drain out of the bowl. You that will want to disconnect the waterline or the water supply line. Remove the bolts from the side of the toilet You want to make sure that you are unsecured from the flooring. Once it is unsecured from the floor you can pick it up and dispose of it however you would like.

You will want to put a rag over the drain hole saw the gases from escaping. You then will want to remove the old wax ring. You may want to wear gloves because this could be a slippery ring you are also want to check if your flange is cracked. Your flange connects your toilet to the floor. If your flange is cracked you can pick up a flange repair ring at most hardware stores.

Check the Flange for the toilet

Please the new bolts into the flange So they are positioned correctly Next step if you want to attach the wax ring to the bottom of the new toilet Or or you can put the wax ring on the floor but you have to make sure that the new toilet and the wax ring line up.

Make sure that you line up the bolts on the floor with the balls on the new toilet and lower the new toilet down gently. When you have the toilet down on the floor press down straight down to seal the toilet properly Do not tilt the toilet just press straight down. If you don’t put the toilet down the straight it won’t seal correcting and you can be in for leaks for when you flush the toilet or you are eventually seeing leaks on the bathroom floor.

The last step that you want to do after you said the toilet is to tighten the bolts on the side of the toilet but do not Dartmont so hard that you crack at the porcelain. You’ll want to use a hacksaw to sort out on the boat so that the cabs sit flush with the toilet bolts to cover them.

Once you have the toilet firmly in place You can reattach the water supply line and then slowly turn the water on. Once you fill the tank you can flush the toilet to see if you have any leaks with the toilet. After that, you can install the toilet seat and you should be all set if there are no leaks.

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