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Easy Way To Unclog Your Toilet Without A Plunger

Is your toilet stopped up? All you really need are three things that you possibly already have in hand. A plunger can be helpful but is overrated there is a better way to unclog your toilet that won’t gross you out either.

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Three things you need to unclog your toilet

Instead, you can use dish soap, hot water, and a bucket. This tip might just save you a call to a local plumber in Michigan or have to run for your plunger.

So let’s get started to pull this off like we said you will need to have a bucket, hot water, and soap. You want to get the hot water from the sink or tub so start running that. While the water is doing that clean-up around the toilet, you don’t want to be making a mess.

What your trying to do is get the toilet bowl as soapy and hot as possible and as fast as possible without it overflowing. What you’re hoping for is that the heat from the water and the soapiness lubricating the clog as the water rush is going to push the clog through your pipes.

Watch your toilet

But make sure you are looking at the toilet bowl filling up and stop if it’s getting too full. The clog may have not dislodged.

Dish soap is said to be the best if you’re going to try this method and this is also worth mentioning that you can’t really overdo it with the soap. If you don’t see any results right away once you do this pour please be patient and let science do its thing.

Believe it or not, most toilet backups aren’t 100% clogged. You will need to keep an eye on the water level making sure the toilet bowl is full from the pressure of the full toilet and the soap you might need the clog budge.

Try this unclogging method twice

You can try this method one more time if it doesn’t work right away before you call in the local plumber nearby. This time you might want to wait about 30 minutes to 60 minutes if you can. After that second try, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results and you can go on with your day.

If you want there is always the plumber phone call that can be made if you don’t have time to be patient with the unclogging results. if you are having to deal with clogs more than once a month you may need a drain cleaning in Michigan.

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