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Surprising Plumbing Projects That You Don’t Need a Naples Plumber For


Having a home can be great because it allows for you to what you want with your home. But the sad news is that it can take a lot of investment as time and money. That’s why you as a homeowner need to look at ways to save money. DIY projects have become more and more popular over time.

Naples FL drain cleaning serviceDid you know that most of the home projects that are done by a local handyman or plumber can actually be done by the homeowner?

I mean the more extensive work should be done by a local Naples plumber but if you know how to do some DIY projects around the house I don’t want to discourage that.


Did you know DIY plumbing is becoming more popular in Naples Florida?

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But if you take some time to learn how to do DIY plumbing projects in Naples you can save thousands of dollars on a plumber.

The DIY projects for a plumber that is most popular are:

  • Installing faucets and showerheads
  • Fixing toilet handles
  • Replacing a toilet seat
  • Unclogging a drain or doing simple drain cleaning
  • Recaulking around the toilet or tub

Replacing a shower head is common because over time it can get clogged with particles and slow water pressure. You should look out for water leaks because faucets and shower heads can leak and that means its time to replace them.

Fixing a toilet handle is fairly simple you can get replacement parts at any hardware store and the instructions for installing the new handle is on the back of the new handle box.  You can also watch YouTube videos too.

Replacing a toilet seat may take some time, you have to measure the current seat to what you need then go to the store and pick out the one you need. The biggest concern is usually getting the right size seat. So measure twice if you’re not sure.

Drain clogs are one of the most common plumbing calls in Naples Florida. You want to use the liquid stuff as the last option because it can ruin your pipes over time. With plumbers hair, clogs are the most common and they can be taken care of with a drain snake which you can pick up at the hardware store.

There are two types of drain snakes manual and electric. The electric ones are more common for professional plumbers.

Wound the snake into the drain to take care of the hair clog in your bathroom this will take care of the clog. Without the proper caulking around your shower or tub base water can permeate and leak into the flooring this can cause major damage. The caulk will pull away from the flooring and allow more water leaks.

Your caulking should be straight along the walls, tub, and floor. You can also pick up bathroom caulking at the hardware store.


More common Florida plumbing topics:


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