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Plumbing Signs in Your Home That Will Make You Want To Call a Local South Lyon MI Plumber

There are multiple reasons for plumbing issues or drain cleaning issues in South Lyon Michigan or nationwide really. Did you know your house will give you a sign if your plumbing is not the best? Yes!

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Here how you can tell if you have to call a local plumber in South Lyon or not or just in general. It’s good housing keeping to keep up on your plumbing.

Plumbing fixes you need to be aware of in South Lyon Michigan

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Plumbing fixes can be range from small to major and costly. Some plumbing or drain cleaning issues may not arise for months. But if you know the signs the better it will be.

  1. You’ll have low water pressure and that can take the joys out of taking a shower. Low water pressure is a sign that’s telling you that you have clogged pipes. You can call a plumber if you have low water pressure.
  1. Slow drains can be a sign that you have plumbing problems this can sometimes be from soap build-up or hair. When this happens you have what they call a clogged sewer line and you need to call for an emergency plumber in your local area.
  1. If you have brown spots on your ceiling this is from most likely a water leak from above. The ideal thing to do is fix the leak before you fix the ceiling.
  1. Rattling pipes can be caused by not securing your pipes, high water pressure, an old house, or flooded air chambers in your plumbing system. This is what they call water hammer.
  1. If your sinks drain smells it can be a sign of a block that needs to be cleared or a broken sewer line. No one wants to have a horrible smell in their kitchen.
  1. A high water bill can tell you if there is something wrong with your plumbing system. There could be a major leak in your plumbing system. We advise you to call a plumber in South Lyon Michigan to come out and investigate the leak.
  1. Wallpaper or peeling paint can be evidence that you have a leak. You should advise a plumber to come out and give you an estimate.
  1. When you flush the toilet most of the time it should be quiet but if you hear noise from it that’s an issue that the toilet is clogged because of a sewer line or the vent stack is blocked.
  1. If you have mold growing this is not a good sign that means you have a leak somewhere in the house. Mold grows with moisture. Basement waterproofing in South Lyon can help with that.
  1. If you find yourself with a plunger all the time in the bathroom its time to investigate a bit more. It can mean you have a clogged sewer or backed up or your septic needs to be cleaned out.

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Emergency drain cleaning for the South Lyon MI area

We have emergency drain cleaning services in South Lyon Michigan, Novi, Livonia, Detroit and Ann Arbor.

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