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Three Bathroom Cleaning Solutions

Maybe cleaning the bathroom is a chore you got stuck with and yes it’s not fun. In America cleaning your bathroom tub or shower is actually one of the top three hated chores to do in your home maybe that’s why most people leave it to a house cleaner in Michigan.

Drain Services
Get your drains serviced in Michigan.
Septic Services
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One of the reasons it can be looked at as one of the hardest chores is because you have to clean up the clutter, organize the bathroom and polish the surfaces. This can mean scrubbing a lot in the bathroom and it may at times just make you want to remodel your bathroom with how dirty it gets. You can and probably will get cracked hands, sore muscles, and a smell of bleach.

Cleaning your bathroom may not be an exciting event but there are tools out there that can make the chore less painful for you.

The tubshroom

Get yourself a tubshroom actually is built to help avoid drain clogs as you probably know that hair clogs in your shower or bath are the number one reason why plumbers are called out in Michigan. Just make sure if you buy one and use it that you clean the tubshroom out once in a while so you don’t have to get a drain cleaning. You can also get a tubsroom for your kitchen sink making it easier to take care of your bathroom and kitchen plumbing.

Extendable cleaning arm

An extended arm scrubber can be useful for most we know that cleaning any part of your bathroom can be a pain in the neck. No one likes to scrub any part of their bathroom and it can honestly be a waste of time for most. You can purchase an electric extendable scrubber that will help save you some time and get that clean you want in your bathroom.

The scrubber can help you on the bathroom floor, tub, and toilet. It’s truly a handy tool if you want to do maintenance cleaning in your bathroom so you don’t have to go all out on deep cleaning days.

Hard water cleaner

With most Americans having hard water, this next solution can be of help. It’s a vinegar-based hard water stain remover. Hard water can be a bit tough to scrub but the vinegar-based stain cleaner may just make scrubbing a little easier on you. Mrs. Myer has a line of stain remover and it also can be used on more than just bathroom surfaces you can use it on other surfaces around your home. Plus there are a number of scents that are available that won’t have the smell of vinegar shooting up your nose.

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