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Shower Cleaning Tips

Most if not all of us shower every day to keep clean it’s important for all to start the day out that way. Though a bathtub may be easier to keep clean because they are larger your shower can get the pretty trick to keeping clean for long periods of time.

You could have water stains to limescale build-up and your shower glass doors looking streaky days after a good cleaning. There are a few things you can do to make sure your shower sparkles for longer. Plus you may already have these items handy.

Need Help Clearing Shower Drains?

Local drain cleaning plumbers can help you keep your shower drains clear.

In your shower, it may become unpleasant to use just on the fact that there is an odor coming from the drain which can be caused by a blocked drain. If you deal with clogged drains you should clear the drain after you shower. Remove any hair in or around the drain.

shower tips

You can regularly use one cap of bleach and one cup of baking soda that will help you clear any deep drain clogs and also keep the drain fresh. If this becomes a large issue with your drains you will want to call a local plumber near you for a routine drain cleaning.

You can use a squeegee

The tool will help you deep clean your shower and make it easier to do so. After each shower just wipes down the shower to get surface water. Doing this will help prevent hard water stains you want to keep your shower as dry as possible when your not using it.

Spritzing your shower will help

A purpose all-natural solution may do the trick if you see that deep cleaning isn’t lasting for your shower. White vinegar, water, and adding essential oils for smell if you would like can work wonders. Just put the mixture in an empty spray bottle and use it when needed. After you spray the shower do a quick wipe down and you’re done.

Use baking soda in the shower

Shower basins can get dirty and grime from hard water stains and soap scum. When your shower dries up sprinkle a little baking soda and some lemon juice around the shower and let it sit for an hour. Just remember to rinse the shower before the next use.

Lastly, to help reduce the moisture from the hot water and reduce the mold you can use a dehumidifier in the bathroom.

Deep clean your bathroom

If you need help deep cleaning your bathroom you can always get a cleaning service near you to once a month do a deep cleaning with the methods recommended. You can tackle a dirty shower in minutes if you have the time. You can hire a drain cleaning service near you now.

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