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Three Plumbing Things You Need To Know Before House Buying

If your family is currently shopping for a house you probably already know that it is an anxious experience. You are probably wondering what kind of plumbing mysteries are behind the walls of a house that’s for sale.

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Water heater repair and sewer line repair in Michigan can get kind of expensive so here are a few tips to know before you go house hunting.

Things to know about plumbing before buying a house

  1. The sellers of the home don’t have to disclose any information about the plumbing problems they may have so ask as many questions as you can. You will want to know when the house was built. If it’s past 12 years and the house still has the original water heater you will want to be prepared to replace it soon. If the house is 25 years or older your looking at possibly replacing pipes with PVC piping. You will want to know if there is PVC piping because that is the most durable from tree root clogs. So you will want to talk with the owner to see if they have experienced a lot of drain clogs or sewer clogs over the years. If you buy the house a drain cleaning may be in your future.
  1. Sewer lines are not included in a standard home inspection. Sewer inspection cameras can get pricey and most home inspectors don’t want to make the large investment. Sewer repairs are expensive and sewer line replacements can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. When we put it that way a sewer line inspection in Michigan is a good investment from a local Michigan plumber. You may be able to find sewer line repair near me plumbers that can assist. It will cost you around $200 to $600 for a sewer line camera inspection and you get to keep all the data.
  1. If it happen once and it wasn’t fixed it’s going to happen again. When you’re looking at a house with a basement you want to make sure you ask if it ever flooded. While you’re asking that ask if the basement or Michigan crawlspace has a sump pump. The homeowner may confess to you that the basement flooded once and so that means it can happen again unless there is a preventive measure that was taken. Something to know is really never buying a house with a basement unless they have two things set in place those are a sump pump system and a backflow preventer in the sewer. Bottom line you don’t want to live in the house without them. If you don’t have those two things in your house you may want to befriend a basement waterproofing expert in Michigan.

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