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Plumbing Tips and Tricks You May Want To Know in Michigan

Did you know the plumbing supply stores can actually help you find a plumber in your local area? They say plumbers all day every day that travel in all areas of the Michigan. They can point you in a direction for the correct plumber for your needs in the areas of Detroit, Lake Orion, and Grand Rapids.

Not everything that you use should be going down your drain

When products that you use in the bathroom, say flushable just know that they are not technically flushable material. Q-tips, hair, and dental floss are never safe to flush down the toilet. Reason being they can create massive issues for your sewer lines. These items also can get stuck in your traps, causing a buildup which will overtime create clogs.

Make sure you replace the hoses on your washing machine

When you get a washing machine, make sure that you replace the flimsy holes with a stainless steel holes. The hoses will have to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. If you don’t remember the last time you changed out your washing machine hose, we highly recommend that you change it out as soon as possible.

Plumbing tips in Michigan

Don’t put Grease down your drains

Under no circumstances, should you ever pour grease down your drains the grease buildup in your pipes it doesn’t make a difference if you pour hot water or have hot water running why are you pour the grease down the drain. Save yourself some time and money and just let the grease job up in a can and then throw it in the trash.

Don’t do the brick rule

Don’t put a brick in your toilet tank. It may save you a little bit on the water usage in the beginning but overtime you’re going to end up either replacing the toilet tank or the toilet all together.

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Have your house plumbing inspected before you buy

The best thing that you can do before buying a house in Michigan is to have a plumber inspect your plumbing system or your septic system for the house. They can give you the rundown of what may need to be repaired. What’s about to have to be repaired? You don’t want to have major plumbing issues go unnoticed. A home inspector in Michigan will do a basic home inspection of the plumbing in the house but most of the time they can’t tell you for certain if there’s any plumbing issues lurking. 

Know where your water shut off valve is

As a homeowner, you should always know where your main water shut off is for the house. Your toilet water supply buying can produce 2 to 3 gallons of water a minute if it breaks. Knowing where your water supply line shut off is can be a lifesaver and an emergency plumbing fiasco in Michigan. You can find them outside of your home where the water comes in sometimes you have them inside also it should be near the water heater. If you can’t find the main water shut off, can always call local plumber in Michigan and they can come out and do it for you.

Need an Emergency plumber Near You?

Call us now at 844-423-0056 to get the proper plumber out to your home to fix your plumbing issues.

Use a drain strainer on all your drains

Use a drain strainer if you have long hair or no somebody in your household that has long hair you should invest in one. If you have kids, they can be unpredictable. You can even find sometimes, but they may try to drop their toys down the drain or even food down. The drains a drain strainer can help with this. The cost of a drain strainer is around three dollars to $15 but could save you thousands on drain replacements in Michigan.

Don’t use any harsh drain cleaners

Stop using harsh drain chemicals to clean your drains. Using harsh chemicals on your drains can actually cause more damage than good. The chemicals rust out your pipes. Instead of using harsh chemicals, you should try to use vinegar and a half cup of baking soda weekly. Let the mixture says and sit in your dream for at least 10 minutes then pour boiling hot water down the drain.

Pay a plumber by the job in Michigan

It’s best to pay your plumber by the job, not by the hour a season plumber can replace and install new garbage disposal faster than a new beginner plumber. In most cases, if you pay by the hour, you might be paying more for less experience from a plumber. Ask your plumber to give you a flat rate estimate before he does any work on your plumbing system. That way you’re both covered because the root be any surprises or hiccups when the bill is ready to be paid or the job is complete.

What to do if your garbage disposal jams

A garbage disposal jam can be a quick fix. Most garbage disposals come with an Allen wrench that can be used when it jams. Look at the owners manual for directions. If you don’t have the owners manual handy, you can always Google from the manufacture of an average disposal what to do to unjam your garbage disposal. But in most cases, there will be a hole on the bottom of your garbage disposal you take the one end of the Allen wrench and you put, the Allen wrench in the hole and you turn the Allen wrench until the jam is free. 

Take the time to check your water meter in Michigan

Once in a while, you should check your water meter. If you have a high water bill mysteriously. What you should do is turn your water off and if the meter continues to move, you may have a waterline leak in your yard. Next your going to want to move inside and check to see if you have a hidden water leak inside your house shut off all the faucets and also the water coming inside your house The valve on your water heater should be turned off then you want to go to see what your water meter is doing.

You don’t wanna have a $400 water bill from a running toilet. A running toilet in Michigan can cause up to 200 gallons of water being wasted. Little drip from faucet can cause 8 gallons of water being wasted a day. You will want to get these issues fixed quickly in Michigan by a local plumber.

Plumbers don’t always charge for advice

Local Michigan plumbers don’t always charge you for everything. If you have a plumbing issue that you need fixed have them come out repair the fix or the issue but while they’re there you could have them work at things like your water heater, a running toilet, a leaky faucet, and they will give you their professional opinion on the Plumbing needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Pick the best estimate from a plumber to do your plumbing work

Be weary of a low estimate from a local plumber. You want to get as many plumbing and cement as possible and go with the best reliable plumber that you see fit. The saying goes you get what you pay for so be careful with the plumber that you choose in Michigan. You don’t always wanted to see your plumber on your doorstep weekly to fix the same issues over and over again.

Make sure that you hire a specialized plumber for what you need in Michigan

If you’re looking to hire a plumber, make sure that they are reputable in the area for the plumbing service you need, so I do not show make sure that they specialize in the plumbing that you are asking them to do. So if you were looking for hydro jetting pipes in Michigan. Make sure that you hire a Hydro jetting plumber in your area , or if you’re looking to repair pipes or replace pipes, make sure that the local plumber specializes in pipe replacement.

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