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Fall Plumbing Maintenance To Do in Michigan

Everyone needs plumbing tips for the fall we have a few tips that might make this season a little easier on you.

Drain Services
Get your drains serviced in Michigan.
Septic Services
Get your septic pumped in Michigan.

Clean out your sewer lines

Clear your sewer lines and gutters if and when you can. Cleaning both ensures that there is proper draining and prevents fall and winter-related issues in the home. Without proper draining of your gutters, you can have roof issues in Michigan and end up even dealing with basement waterproofing or foundation issues. We suggest draining cleaning at this time of year in Michigan just to be safe.

Seal any cracks or gaps you have

Sealing cracks and gaps are critical for your home that’s how water can get into your home and basement with the snow melting you can even have water damage issues or foundation crack issues. Hidden gaps and cracks can allow for cold air to come into your home and this can result in frozen pipes. Locate where cold air is coming in and insulate your pipes and close the gaps where caulking and stripping are shown.

Get your outdoor plumbing fixtures winterized this is part of the preparation for winter. Remove all your outdoor fixtures. Drain your hoses and make sure there are no traces of water before you store them. Shut off the water supply to your outdoor spicket.

Inspect your sump pump

This is always a good one you want to inspect your sump pump and make sure it’s working properly. Your home’s sump pump is vital to keep your home’s foundation dry and avoid serious flooding and other water-related problems. Take this time in the fall to inspect and repair any issues or replace the sump pump if need be. You can get a sump pump contractor in Michigan for repairs or replacement. This step can be a lifesaver for your home.

Insulate your pipes correctly

Don’t forget to insulate your pipes in Michigan. Make sure that your indoor pipes are well insulated. Use the right insulation to make sure you avoid any pipes busting or leaking to cause serious water damage.

If you need a local plumber in Michigan

A local plumber in Michigan can help you with all the tips we mention. If you need help reach out to a plumber in your area. There are plumbers available in Macomb Michigan, Clarkston, Lake Orion, Sterling Heights, Port Huron, South Lyon, Rochester Hills, and Shelby Township to help you avoid a major plumbing disaster this season.

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