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Plumbing Projects You Can Do Yourself or At Least Try

Plumbing is it daunting word and can be intimidating to do for any homeowner. But there are minor plumbing projects that you can do in your house. Some of the projects you can do yourself or save you money and headache. Just remember that you’re going to want to shut the water off in the areas of the house where you’re working on plumbing.

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◦ Any homeowner can swap out showerheads. If your shower head is malfunctioning or just needs to be replaced it’s a simple fix. What you will need are plumbing tape and the showerhead. You can follow YouTube videos if you get lost.

◦ Replacing a sink sprayer. You may just need to replace the hose as they can become worn out. Follow the direction of the box that the sprayer comes in.

A running toilet and not Jiggling the handle on the toilet will not stop your toilet from running. The best approach is to replace the toilet float valve which you can get at the hardware store.

◦ Replacing the toilet flange. The flange helps secure the toilet to the floor. If you see puddles of water around the base of the toilet or if the toilet is able to rock back and forth may want to repair the flange. These flanges are also considered or called the O-ring that these O rings can become cracked damaged or just worn out.

◦ Unclogged drains before you call a plumber for a drain cleaning you may want to try to use a plunger to clear the drain or a snake to clear the drain. You can use baking soda and vinegar let the vendor and baking soda with hot water sit in the drain for about 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it down the drain. Things that can build up and block your drains are greasy foods and in the bathroom, we’re talking about soap scum, and here are the biggest culprits.

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