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Four Signs You Need To Replace Your Plumbing

Most people don’t think much about their plumbing until their plumbing system stops working. You should have your pipes inspected at least twice a year just to make sure that your pipes are clean.

Do You Need Your Pipes Replaced?

Local plumbers can help with pipe replacement or fixing leaky pipes.

For all homes drain cleaning is recommended but sometimes it’s the last thing to think about unless you have standing water. There are multiple signs you need to pay more attention to your plumbing before its too late and it can cost you more.

Leaking pipes

plumbing services

If you have leaking pipes you will want to call on a local plumber to get them repaired before its too late. With leaking pipes, you could deal with low water pressure or water damage in your home. Frozen pipes may have caused leaky pipes over the winter having a drain inspection may be best if you’re experiencing any type of leaks.

Old pipes may need to be replaced

If you’re using steel pipes you will want to replace all pipes in your home with a more modern plumbing system such as PVC. Steel pipes will over time get pinhole leaks that can cause flooding in your home.

If you have discolored water

If your drinking water is discolored you want your plumbing to be replaced. You could have rusty pipes causing the issues. Having a plumber out to your house will be able to inspect your pipes and see if the issues are within your home plumbing system or external issues.

Dealing with low water pressure

If you have issues with low water pressure you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system that needs to be identified and repaired or replaced. Drain repair if caught in time is important because it can cause floods in your home and water damage can cause foundation issues to your home in Michigan.

We have plumbers in multiple areas of Michigan for emergency services that can handle 24/7 plumbing issues in areas of Macomb County, Oakland County, and Lapeer County. Most plumbers in Michigan do hydro jet drain cleaning and fix tie rod holes for your basement.

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