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Five Plumbing Problems As A Homeowner

A homeowner can spend anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000 on plumbing that’s a butt load of money. Plumbing issues can arise in multiple forms and have you digging deep in your wallet.

Your home is always going to need routine maintenance and plumbing issues are no different with maintenance major issues can be avoided. Some plumbing issues are more common than others.

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Leaking pipes

Leaking faucets or pipes happen all the time a homeowner will lose about 10,000 gallons of water a year with leaking pipes. Your faucet might be dripping because of a worn-out washer or O-ring which is easy to replace. You may also have to replace the aerator because they get old and clogged.

plumbing repairs

Pipes are the leading cause of plumbing repair calls in Michigan or just in general. Over time you may just need drain repairs. Your pipes may be damaged like have cracks or just need to be relined. It’s okay to have a local plumber inspect your pipes if you have leaking issues.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure is another reason why you may be calling a local plumber. When you have low water pressure it can be a challenge to take a shower. But did you know that blocked pipes are the common cause of low water pressure? So if you have this issue a drain cleaning may be in the future.

Having no hot water sucks because this means cold showers and no one wants that at any time of the year. There could be a few reasons to have no hot water.

  1. Sediment or corrosion build up
  2. Your water heater element failure
  3. Loose connection
  4. The valve has broken off

But if you have a gas heater times your pilot has gone out and it has to be relit. But if you have build-up in your water tank you need a professional plumber for that.

Running toilets can be an issue especially if they keep you up at night times people just shut the water off at the toilet for the night and repair it later. If you have a running toilet you wasting more water than having leaking pipes and you need a professional plumber to assist toilet repair can be a hassle. Tip: Check the flapper because it might just need to be replaced before you call the plumber.

Drain clogs

One thing your toilet can do a lot is getting drain clogs and that can be an issue for your overall plumbing system. These kinds of clogs may happen over time as soap and other materials can build up and create blockages in the pipes. If you have drain clogs in multiple areas of the house you might be looking at a sewer line issue and you will want a plumber to come out and inspect the sewer and do a sewer line cleaning.

You should deal with plumbing issues the moment they happen because you don’t want them to spiral out of control and can become more costly over time.

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