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Common mistakes DIY plumbers make

When it comes to plumbing you want to get the job done the right way the first time to save on repairs later down the road.

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Overtightening, plumbing fittings

One mistake that you can make is overtightening the supply tubes, pipe fittings, and toilet bolts. If you crank too hard, you can end up cracking the fitting. The crack may not happen right away, but over the weeks it may start a crack and start a flood.

Overtightening the bolts on the toilet is just a bad idea because you can ruin the porcelain toilet. Plus the bolts for eventually crack and the toilet will start to leak.

Using the wrong type of plumbers tape

You can also make the mistake of wrapping up the plumbers tape the wrong way are using the wrong type of tape all together. The Teflon tape must be wrapped clockwise around the threads for it to work. You should’ve wrap the plumbers tape about three times around the thread before putting it into the fitting.

Use white or pink thread, tape for fittings that carry water. Use yellow tape for gas fittings.

Using the drain cleaner that is a liquid

The easiest way to clear a drain or a toilet clog is to use a drain snake, barbed draining tool, or a power auger or you can pull out the P-trap and drain the clog too many times people reach for the chemical drain cleaner and that’s just bad for your pipes and plumbing system. If you don’t want to do drain cleaning yourself, or you can get a drain cleaning service near you in Michigan or even in Florida

Using too much drain cleaner too often can damage your pipes and cause actually more leaks to your plumbing system. Plus drain cleaning liquids also damage rubber gaskets.

Not having the right tools for the plumbing job

Too often, DIY plumbers don’t have the right tools to even work on the job. Often they try to escape by with the tools that they have in hand. And that’s where things can really go wrong.

You can sometimes go to the plumbing supply store and local in your area to get the proper tools that you’re going to have to work with so that you don’t damage any walls or pipes for future leaks. When you’re cording tubbing you want square cuts so use a tube cutter rather than a hacksaw.

If you need a local plumber in your area of Michigan, we have covers available now for big or small, plumbing jobs.

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