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A Few Tips To Clean Your Garbage Disposal

If you have a garbage disposal you have probably dealt with rotten smells coming from it from time to time. Nothing can ruin your appetite worse than the smell coming from your kitchen sink.

Really what your doing when your cram food down your disposal and turn it on is making the food easier to flow through your pipes. We have some ways to make your sink smell better. Drain cleaning is always a good must.

Ice cubes can work too

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You can try the ice cube method. Put down the drain a few ice cubes with cold water and run the water and the disposal until you hear no more ice. This will clean the garbage disposal blades plus sharpen them.

It is worth noting that this method with ice cubes only works with garbage disposals with blades.

Use a few lemons

Next, you can take a whole lemon slice it up into eight pieces then turn the cold water on and start putting the slices down the drain one at a time. Sometimes you may not have to use eight pieces. But lemons can help put a fresh new odor in your kitchen and sink.

Use baking soda and vinegar

So you can take baking soda and vinegar to freshen up your disposal. Just take half a cup of baking soda and pour it down the drain and let it sit for about 30 minutes so the garbage disposal can absorb the odor then take a cup of vinegar and pour that down the drain and let it work with the baking soda for about 10 minutes. Then turn on the cold water with the garbage disposal for about 15 seconds.

Clean the rubber splatter piece

Clean the rubber splatter flap the rubber piece that sits in your sink to help stop food from splattering when your grind it up with some garbage disposals the rubber piece is removable and you can put it in the dishwasher or hand wash it. But for the flaps that aren’t removable, you have to flip up each part of the rubber one at a time and scrub them.

Now if you are having issues with your garbage disposal you can call a Michigan plumber to install or repair your garbage disposal. Our plumbers are in areas of Macomb County and Wayne County.

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