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Simple Tips to Avoid Frozen Pipes in Warren Michigan

No one wants to have frozen pipes and cold weather can do the damage for that. We have some tips for preventing cold or frozen pipes. These tips are for a condo but you can also use them for a house.

Plumbing tips to avoid frozen pipes in Warren Michigan

1. Keep the garage door shut. You want to do this especially if you have waterline going through the garage.
2. Open kitchen and cabinet doors. This will allow for the warm air to circulate around the plumbing.
3. You can apply heating tape to the pipes. Apply the tape to the short section of the pipes to avoid risk of freezing.
4. One last trick we like to tell people is to run a small but steady stream of water in the water tub in the laundry room. It can either be warm or cold. You just want the pipes to stay at room temperate.

frozen drain repair in Warren MichiganIf you need to hire a plumber in Warren Michigan

If you need help with any of these tips you can call a plumber and they can walk you through what’s most important.

We connect you with plumbers all across Michigan that can handle and know the proper techniques for plumbing like, drain repair, drain cleaning, and pipe replacement.

Call us at 248-564-3299 for emergency plumbing service in Warren Michigan if you have frozen or leaking pipes.

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