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Plumbing Problems Homeowners Need to be Aware of in Michigan

Need Help From a Plumber?

Plumbing issues pop up without any warning but some can be noticed but we have a few that you don’t know which means getting them repaired before they get worse. Plumbers are at times on speed dial and can be super busy. If you have run into plumbing issues and don’t have the tools to get it done you can always call a plumber nearby in Michigan.

Most homeowners need to become familiar with common plumbing issues and know how they can repair them before they get worse and turn into emergency plumbing which can be costly.

Dripping faucets

Dripping faucets can be annoying and costly. When a faucet drips it can mean the O-ring is worn out and needs to be replaced. A plumber can fix this but should you want to do it replace the O-ring to see if it fixes the drip if not, call the plumber. They have tools that can determine the source of the drip.

Water heater issues

Water heater issues are another plumbing issue that is easily diagnosed because when you go to take a hot shower and all you get is cold water it’s not fun. Other signs you’re having issues with the water heater are dripping water or puddles around the water heater or discolored water. You can diagnose a water heater problem but should have a professional do the maintenance or installation of them. They do pose danger with the complex issues they may have. Leaks are the most common issue with water heaters in Michigan. Mineral deposits can be an issue as they can slow the supply of hot water.  It will make a weird sound.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure can be a plumbing issue but these are common in older homes. One of the reasons for low water pressure which also can be common in apartments is the broken main water supply. Leaking pipes can also create issues. Watch your meter for a few hours while you’re diagnosing the issue shut off the taps if you can. You can also see a mineral build-up that may cause water to slow.

Running toilet

Toilet issues happen in many forms. But most common is a running toilet. Your toilet can still work during this but making noise at night and wasting water. Look at your flapper and see if that needs to be replaced. The flapper if it doesn’t fit in the given spot it will let water flow all the time. Your toilet can be leaking or you could have a loose hook up to the toilet that needs to be tightened or replaced. You can replace the inner workings of the tank of the toilet, it might be best to check up on them and replace them as needed.

Clogged drains

One thing that you will notice with clogged drains in backup in the shower and sinks or even maybe a slow drain. A clogged toilet won’t flush and may need to be snaked. You can usually snake a toilet yourself or call for a drain cleaning plumber in Michigan. Drains can get clogged from hair, shampoo, or small bath toys.

Sump pump repairs or failure

Sump pumps can fail because of a number of issues but the most common is the pump is old, installed wrong, pumping out a lot of water at a time, or clogged discharge pipes and often stuck switches.

If you need a plumber for wear and tear issues on plumbing systems you can call for a plumber to help. It’s okay even if you’re an experienced handyman some plumbing problems can be complex for everyone. Local plumbers in Michigan have the right equipment to make plumbing issues go away.

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