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Drain Cleaning Problems in Michigan – What to Flush in Michigan

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Plumbers and drain cleaners are busier than ever with everyone that’s staying home its crazy what people are thinking they can flush down the toilet.


Don’t just flush it even if its flushable


Just because the items you buy say that they are flushable doesn’t mean that they are. Unless its toilet paper plumbers or drain cleaners say throw it away instead of flush it. You can get into trouble real fast.


Drain cleaning is at a high because everyone is throwing everything down the toilets don’t people have a trash can next to the toilet? Now when we say that there can be a clog that needs drain cleaning it can depend on how your house is actually sitting. Yes the pipes might make it easier for wet wipes to get lodged.


If you need drain cleaning in parts of Michigan


Believe or not drain cleaning for clogs have been one of the largest services calls in the state of Michigan. What our plumbers in Michigan are telling us is to let people know watch what you throw down the drains. Not everything is flushable.


If you need a plumber throughout Michigan for drain cleaning services please call us at 844-423-0056.


Remember that your pipes can only take so much and again if its not toilet paper don’t flush it. Keep your plumbing safe with a little help!

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