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How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Septic Tank in Macomb Michigan

septic cleaning macomb MIWe are here to talk to you about something that isn’t on everyones list but if you have one you have to think about getting it cleaned out about every 1 to 2 years and that is your septic system. Yes we know its a nasty job but someone has to do it. 

Getting the right care will help your pipes and the over all life of your septic tank. Some of the things that we would need to know about pumping your septic tank is where its located, for the ease of pumping.

You don’t want to damage your septic field so getting it cleaned out in Macomb Michigan by an expert is going to save you time. The repair cost of a damaged septic tank is upwards of thousands of dollars. See how we do septic tank cleaning in Michigan.

Do use normal drain cleaners and bleaches in your toilet to make sure you don’t damage anything. You want to make sure that you are curious when you have a septic tank in your yard. Make sure you don’t run a lot of water maintained things in the house.

We are talking about the dishwasher, WASHER, and shower at the same time.

Here are some warning signs of a failing septic tank:

  1. Slow drains
  2. Plumbing and septic backups
  3. Odors coming from the field
  4. Gurgling sounds in your plumbing

If any of that is happening in your house its time to call a plumber or drain cleaning specialist out. You can even call a septic cleaner out in Macomb Michigan.

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