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Winter Plumbing Tips that Don’t Hurt in Michigan

It’s wintertime in Michigan which means that the weather is getting colder and the wet weather is on its way or already happening. With all that you already have to worry about with holiday planning and now freezing temperatures, it can be a disaster. We want to keep your plumbing in good shape for the winter.

Need A Neighborhood Plumber in Michigan

If you have busted pipes or drain clogs you should reach out to a local plumber in your area of Michigan.

Get a drain cleaning in Michigan

Drain cleaning is an important part of preventing plumbing problems in the winter in Michigan. Drain cleaning helps prevent drains clogged with heavy rain that will be on the way. Heavy rains can bring a lot of debris with them that can clog your pipes. If you notice slow drains after heavy rain you might want to consider a drain cleaning in your neighborhood in Michigan.

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Cleaning gutters and storm drains

Gutters and storm drains are a part of your home’s drainage system. During heavy rains gutters and drainage systems or storm drains to divert water away from your house. It is best to have your gutters clean before the rainy season starts. You could have flood damage foundation damage or even broken pipes if you decline to have your gutters and storm drain cleaned out. Cleaning your storm drain is just the right thing to do to make sure that you don’t have debris in freshwater or any kind of lakes in your area.

White pipe insulation is important

Pipe insulation is important to your home if you live in a freezing area during the winter. Frozen pipes are a common occurrence with below-freezing temperatures in the state of Michigan. When water freezes and expands and king cause your pipes to burst Do you want to seal off any cold areas that pipes are exposed to? Common areas where this could happen are attics and crawl spaces. You may even want to consider buying an insulated jacket for your water heater to help it run more efficiently.

Make sure your sump pump works in Michigan

Checking your sump pump in Michigan if you have a basement is a good idea also. The job of a sump pump is to pump out excessive amounts of water that could end up in your basement. Do you want to make sure that your sub pump is working properly to do so you pour a bucket of water into the crock and if it turns on you are in good shape? Next, you want to check the drain for any clogs. If your sub pump is not engaging in these two activities it might be time to replace your sump pump.

If you have smelly drains

Smelly drains are common problems in the winter for a few reasons. The extra holiday traffic or Company could take a toll on your drains. Look at getting your drains cleaned and deodorized. You could also be dealing with a dried trap this can happen when the drains don’t get used a lot. If you notice a smaller drain you may have a clogged vent stack If this happens you need a professional plumber to come out and inspect it and install the screen to prevent future clogs from happening.

These plumbing tips can help in Michigan

The plumbing tips should help Michigan homeowners stay comfortable and safe during the winter months when it comes to plumbing issues and their homes. Connect with a Michigan plumber when you need one.

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