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Properly Maintain Your Plumbing in Michigan

You should inspect for leaks regularly

Regular plumbing maintenance is essential for preventing unwanted, plumbing problems to pop up. We are talking about damage to your plumbing system or water leaks

It is vital to have your plumbing checked on a regular basis this should be an inspection of cracked hoses, faucets, drains, and any signs of dripping. If you find an issue, you should address it immediately by calling a local plumber in your area Michigan.

Catching plumbing problems before they become large plumbing problems can save you money and the hassle of repairs or replacement. Having a routine inspection of your plumbing will give you peace of mind that your plumbing system is running smoothly.

Drain Services
Get your drains serviced in Michigan.
Septic Services
Get your septic pumped in Michigan.

Flush your water heater

You should flush the water heater properly maintaining your plumbing is essential in your home. Flushing your water heater essentially makes sure your water heater is functioning correctly and helps remove sediments that can cause damage over time. 

Not maintaining your water heater can leave your water heater to corroding, potential leaks, and costly repairs. 

To flush or water heater, all you have to do is shut off the power to your tank and shut off the cold water supply. Then filled up a container with hot water from the bottom of the tank via the drain valve. Checking on those periodically. Will let you know how much sediment is actually coming out of your water tank. Once the containers open up the hot water taps throughout your house until no more sediment runs through them. 

Clean your showerhead of hard water

Keeping your showerheads from building up hard water can be a challenge. Therefore, we have a solution that might be helpful. White vinegar actually helps clean up your showerhead from hard water. Poor a couple of two of white vinegar into a bag, Ziploc, preferably and secure it to the shower head with a rubber band, and let it sit overnight. Rinsed this showerhead the next day and you’re good to go.

Put mesh drain covers to protect your plumbing

Drain covers are an essential part of any plumbing plan set in place. Mesh drain covers will ensure that your drains will work clog-free and have no debris buildup. You can buy mesh drain covers at any hardware or home and garden supplies store.

The mesh covers will act as a barrier to catch any large debris that is trying to get down your drain to clog up your drainage system. Another benefit of a mesh drain cover. It will also help clean the water of any bacteria that might be trying to grow on your pipes. You might want to try them if you don’t want to deal with an excessive amount of drain clogs.

You don’t want to have overflowing toilets in your house

You don’t want to have an overflowing toilet because it’s not fun. To provide an overflowing toilet in its tracks, be sure to check the flapper valve on a regular basis. The valve should always sit secure on the flush tube and it should not be cracked or damaged. If the valve has been damaged over time, you need to replace it immediately so water does not escape and cause an overflow incident.

Do you want to also check the flapper chain because sometimes it can get twisted and cause the valve to not close properly? Do you want to also check the tank of your toilet to make sure that there are not any foreign objects in your tank that are obstructing the release of water what’s the toilet is flushed? 

Follow these plumbing steps

Doing these plumbing steps will ensure you are properly maintaining your plumbing and avoiding potential disasters. If you need a Michigan plumber, don’t hesitate to reach out to a local plumber in your area.

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