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Help Prevent Sewer Backups in Your Home

Have you ever experienced standing water in your home after heavy rain? If you’ve ever had water coming through your plumbing fixtures or water over your drain or coming up from out of your drain you might be experiencing a sewer backup. we have some common causes of sewer backups and what to watch out for to avoid these in your home.

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Reasons for a sewer back up in Michigan

There are a number of reasons for sewer backups in your home.

  • Sewer pipe blockages caused by tree roots
  • Aging homes with city sewers that need to be repaired
  • You could be dealing with a city sewer blockage (main sewer)
  • City pipelines that have allowed for an overage of rainwater after a heavy rain

When this happens Sewer water can be forced up through the sewer pipes into the home. Large quantities of sewer contaminants can end up coming through your toilet drains sink drains bath drains, and floor drains and can cause flooding within your home.

When to hire a plumber locally for sewer backups in Michigan

If you notice this issue when you’re home you may want to reach out to a local plumbing professional nearby in Michigan. If you hear any gurgling from your bath trains or floor drains or backing up with water you should call.

If you have water rising from your sewer clean-out pipe you can also call a local plumber to come out and assess the problem.

Avoiding sewer backups in your home

There are a few ways to prevent sewer backups from happening in your home

  • Do you want to have a licensed professional plumber a Michigan install a backup water valve? Plumbers can install a sewer valve and drain lines this will allow the sewer water to flow out but not back in
  • Dispose of the household waste correctly don’t flush anything down your toilet or down your sewer lines that aren’t toilet paper so any paper towel or kitchen grease a.k.a. cooking grease should never be going down your sinks
  • You should have inspected tree roots and trimmed them if possible. If you have noticed tree roots in your yard you need to call a professional tree trimmer in Michigan to cut them back to lessen the risk of them growing into your sewer line.
Does insurance cover sewer water backups

Though it’s good to be aware of the precautions and steps taken to avoid sewer line backups most of the time sewer line backups or any kind of water damage pertaining to your sewer line is not normally covered by your insurance policy. If you are worried about sewer backups or water damage you should see what it takes here and how much it costs to add water backup coverage to your insurance policy In Michigan.

If you need sewer water back up a plumber in Michigan

But if you deal with sewer line backup or sewer water backups in Michigan we have plumbers in Detroit Michigan, Lake Orion Michigan, Rochester Hills Michigan, Sterling Heights Michigan, and Macomb Michigan.

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