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What Happens With Drain Clogs – Michigan Drain Cleaning Specialists

Michigan drain cleaningDrain clogs happen every day and sometimes come out of the blue but if you don’t have the right tools to take care of a drain clog you could be using another toilet.

If you have only one toilet you will have to go to the hardware store or call a plumber. Calling a plumber might be a good idea it doesn’t hurt to get an estimate and most drain clogs can turn into an emergency fast.


Call us today at 844-423-0056 so you can schedule an appointment within the hour and get your toilet back to a usable shape.


Drain cleaning is cheap and can be fast when you call a plumber to see if they can hydro-jet your pipes and look if any of your pipes are leaking or busted.


Drain cleaning is a cause of having things flushed down the toilet that can’t pass to the sewer system and that can cause a lot of wear on your pipes and drain systems.


Hydro-jetting your pipes might be your best bet. Doing this once a year can solve the problem for a year or two what it does is gets any blockages or debris free in your pipes so the water can flow freely.


We also do sewer cleaning, plumbing services, and toilet repair in all of Michigan’s major cities.


We are your 247 plumbers and we service most of Michigan like West Bloomfield, Southfield, Pontiac, and Rochester Hills. Schedule your drain cleaning today!

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