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Questions to Ask a Detroit Plumber Before You Hire Them

Basic plumbing knowledge may help you take care of tackling, smaller, plumbing issues around the house, such as unclogging drains, or changing that flapper on your toilet. But no if you have extensive plumbing knowledge, that’s the only time you should try to take on these tasks. If you do not have extensive plumbing knowledge it is always best to call your local Detroit area plumber.

Even if you have a large scale tasks, such as a water heater repair in Detroit or need to replace a damage pipe there should be several plumbing contractors in the Detroit area to help.

Make sure that your plumbers license and bonded

The most important question to ask a plumber before you hire them is to find out if there’s a licensed and bonded finding a plumber in the Detroit area that have all three will protect you and the work that they have done. If they are license, they have qualified by doing thousands of hours of work in the plumbing industry and passing the licensing exam.

Find out how much experience your plumber has

Next you wanna find out how much experience the plumber has to take on the project that you are currently wanting work for. you want to find a plumber that has been in business for many years and can handle the jobs demands and obstacles that make him his or her way. Note that some plumbers that specialize in certain plumbing may also have lower prices because they can get materials at a cheaper rate than you going to Home Depot and paying for it yourself.

MI Plumbers

When you hire a plumber, you want to make sure that you know if the person giving you the quote is going to do the work or if somebody that works for the company has to come out and do the work for you. Depending on the plumbing that needs to happen in your home the plumbing company may hire a subcontractor to come out and do the work for them.  Having subcontractors doing plumbing for larger businesses are plumbing companies is the normal and not unheard of but you want to make sure that you are aware of what’s going on.

Find out the type of warranty that comes with the plumbing work

Finding out what kind of warranty they have for the work that they do is going to be beneficial so that you know what kind of action you have for the plumbing company to come back out and redo the work if need be. You want to make sure that both parties are protected with a warranty of some kind even if it’s a 30 day warranty it’s better than nothing.  To give you an example plumbers do not usually warrant drain cleaning more than six months. Also, we would like to note that warranties are void if it’s improper use after the plumber comes out from the customer.

Get your plumbing estimate in writing

You always want to get your estimate in writing and you also want to make sure that you get an estimate before they start working on your project so that you’re good to go and have peace of mind on what they are doing if they do not give you a written estimate you may want to go with another plumber. Also, make sure the day put it in writing that the price will not change no matter how long they work on the project or the material that needs to be added to the project.

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Know that if you’re hiring a plumbing contractor that works by the hour and might be a little bit more expensive than a flat rate plumber in the Detroit area but it’s all up to how much are looking to spend or how much are willing to spend and what kind of work they are willing to do for you.

Get more than one quote from a Detroit plumber

Lastly, it’s best practice to get at least three quotes from plumbers in your local area of Detroit to make sure that you are not getting the runaround from plumbers just to make a quick buck off of you and also know that they’re honest and true to their word. This is where it’s best to get some references from local plumbers that have been used in your area from friends, family, or even neighbors just to cover all of your bases.

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