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Know the Detroit plumber you hire with 7 questions – Detroit Michigan plumbing experts

Now before you hire any contractor of any kind there should be a couple of to the point questions you need to asked them before you hire them. 

When your hiring a plumbing contractor in  Detroit Michigan remember to ask the following.

  • Are they licensed? Most plumbers in Detroit say they are but double check.
  • Ask if the estimate is the final total?
  • Are they hourly or do they have a flat fee? Flat fee is better, hourly means you have more labor charges.
  • Who will be doing the work? A crew or the one plumber?
  • What happens if something breaks while they are working?
  • Do they clean up their mess?
  • When do they want to be paid. If there are any upfront costs? Be sure to read the contract before signing and hiring a Detroit plumber.

There are a lot of plumber in Detroit make sure you have what you need and don’t get taken advantage of.

If you need to schedule a plumber call us today and you will be able to talk to an actual plumber, 313-351-8635.

Protect your house plumbing with the best Detroit plumber you can. Day or night we have the plumbing professionals for any job.

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