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Plumbers That Can Fix Toilets in Lapeer Michigan

plumbers in Lapeer MichiganWhen your toilet is broke it can cause clogs and no one likes clogs because than you won’t be able to use the toilet at all. We have some simple ways to fix the toilet so it doesn’t clog for you. Or you can call us at 248-564-3299.


So here are the steps to fix the toilet:


  • You will need a crescent wrench and replacement handle
  • Remove the tank lid
  • Unhook lift chain, remember what hole the chain is hooked too
  • Unscrew the inside nut and remove handle
  • Put the new handle though the hole and screw the new nut on


Doing these steps will allow you to flush the toilet to save you from any new clogs you may have, if you need help you can call a Lapeer Michigan plumber to schedule to come out and fix the toilet for you. Call 248-564-3299.


We do recommend that you try the toilet project first before you call a plumber because some plumbing projects are easy fixes and you don’t need us. We are available 24/7 to help you with all of your plumbing needs.

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