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Working on Your Hot Water Heater in Macomb Michigan

water heater repair macomb miYou know its real bad when your hot water heater goes out and that means you can’t take a hot shower. So you either need to trouble shoot it or call someone to get it fixed or your going to be taking cold showers.

We know about cold shower and hot water heaters that don’t get lit. It happens a lot. You don’t know how much how water means to you until you don’t have any other water to use.

Now we can have a hot water specialist in Macomb Michigan come out and help you get your “boiler” back in working condition or there are a few steps you can take to see if you can get the boiler to light.

Now for this you need to turn the boiler to “pilot”, its usually on “on” after that you need to click the black button at the bottom of the water heater. Make sure it clicks through.

After that you want to take the red cap on top of the dial and the ignite switch and hold them down. We have Macomb County MI plumbers that can help you with your hot water heater issues now.

Now you want to click the igniter a few times maybe like 4 times than let up on the red button and turn the pilot knob to on.

If this doesn’t light the boiler you will need to schedule an appointment or call 844-423-0056 for a Macomb Michigan plumbing specialist in your area.

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