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A Recommended Timeline for Replacing Plumbing Fixtures in Michigan

Do you know when its time to replace your plumbing fixtures? It’s hard to ignore plumbing fixtures when they break, one reason is that they become harder to use.


In most cases within your kitchen sinks last about 15-30 years. Ideally, you should consider replacing your sink when it starts to leaks, having a leaking sink can just create more issues like mold or water damage of some kind.


Replace a sink


For a sink you want to have a deep basin ideally that can hold water. But it all depends on what you want on your wish list.


In a home, you will want to consider replace the bathtub if it’s leaking or becomes harder and harder to clean. Or if you’re going to do a whole bathroom remodel and want to have a fresh new style in the bathroom.


We will tell you replacing the bathtub isn’t a piece of cake it can be difficult based on the maneuvering of a tub and you might want to do other upgrades along the way,


Within a kitchen or bathroom, you could consider replacing faucets but know that the way faucets are made can last up to about 20 years depending on the wear and tear of use.


Replacing a bathroom or kitchen faucet


The way to find out if you need to replace your faucet can be the following:


  • If it’s leaking a lot even after repairs.
  • If the cost of the repair for the faucet is going to be more expensive than the cost of a new faucet.
  • There is more than one area that the faucet leaks from, maybe the base.
  • If the faucet looks rusty or corroded.


Replacing a toilet


After years and years of a hardworking toilet, you might have to unclog the toilet from time to time or do other troubleshooting such as minor repairs that anyone can do like a plumber. But you could consider replacing the toilet if the base is cracking or you have a slow leak in the tank.


Most of the time with toilets they lose water because of a leak so if it’s a simple fix that’s affordable you should fix it but if not look at the cost of replacing it.


There are so many new models for water-saving toilets now that it might make sense for you to upgrade to one. Maybe with a bathroom remodel you might want to think about changing out the toilets.


Replacing a garbage disposal


Garbage disposal is another item on the list that you might consider replacing on average disposals last about 10 years.


Most commonly they leak and that’s a good sign they will need to be replaced soon.


A worn motor is a good sign that the garbage disposal unit needs to be replaced. If the power to the disposal is fine but it just won’t turn on you might be buying a new one.


If you find yourself hitting the reset button on the unit more often that’s a sign too.


Just hearing the garbage disposal operating and breaking down waste will alarm you for new disposal on average it should take 10 to 15 seconds to break down food.


Replacing a hot water tank


A water heater may have a life term of 6-8 years that’s gas. But if you go with a tankless water heater you could see about 8-12. Talk to your local Grand Rapids plumber if you’re looking to replace your hot water tank.


There are a lot of reasons to replace your hot water heater:


  • If it leaks
  • Rust is another sign if you turn on your faucet and there is any discolor its time to replace your tank.


To replace a hot water heater your look at about $800 to $1500.

To replace a sink is about $250 to $800.

To replace a faucet you’re looking about $150 to $300.


When you are looking at plumbers or local a handyman choose wisely the average per hour can be:

Plumbers: $50-$150 per hour.

A handyman is about: $30 to $120 per hour.

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