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What You Could Be Cleaning Wrong in Your House

Household cleaning isn’t all ways fun and you may want to be on the lookout to cleaning around the home. We have a few tips from cleaning kitchen sponges down to your drains; yes we know not the funniest things to upkeep a home.


What you could be cleaning wrong in your house


Let’s get started. Did you know your probably cleaning the following things wrong in your home?


  • Kitchen knives – you actually should never put kitchen knives in the dishwasher. As the dishwasher can crack the knives especially wooden ones. You should only hand washes them.



  • Household electronics and keyboards – you should only clean the electronics with a fiber cloth and sprits cleaning solution on the cloth if need be. You should never spray the electronics directly.



  • Kitchen sponges – they actually carry a lot of germs on them and it’s recommended to change out your sponges every week so the debris doesn’t stick on unwanted objects.



  • The last one is your drains – to be honest if you’re using the store-bought drain cleaner to unclog your drains you might be doing more damage to your pipes over time. That’s why we recommend if you’re going to clean out your drains you will want to invest in a drain snake. You can also periodically pour boiled teapot water down the drains as they will help wash away soap scrum and other debris.


A plumbing tip for most drain clogs


One plumbing tip we do have is you can also call a plumber in your local area to take care of your drain clogs as they can some times be a pain for a lot of homeowners.


People honestly prefer to have a local plumber that can do the drain cleaning because its professionally done and they clean up the mess and most jobs come with a warranty.

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