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Things you should know about drain cleaning

Over time clogs can happen in the piping systems from fungal growth and build-up of materials such as hair or food. If your pipes are not cleaned properly this can cause your plumbing or drainage system or sewer lines to even fail. So at least twice a year you should be getting your drains clear from blockages with hydro jetting and Michigan or drain cleaning in Michigan.

Drain Services
Get your drains serviced in Michigan.
Septic Services
Get your septic pumped in Michigan.

Clean out your grease traps

If you have grease traps you need to get those cleaned out to there is equipment specialized to clean grease traps. You usually use a vacuum with a high-pressure suction to clear the drain.

Hydro jetting your drains in Michigan

You can also clean your drains in Michigan with a procedure called hydro jetting which is high-pressure water that is going to be shot up into your drains to clear debris from your drains and sewer lines so that your main water line or main line going to the sewer is not filled with clogging material. Sewer line hydro jetting is ideal for getting soap scum and any bacteria or debris that is caked onto the inner part of the pipe.

Tree root removal

Plumbers can take care of root removal. The water that flows through your pipes has the nutrients and minerals that tree roots gravitate towards. With the smallest crack in your pipe or sewer line routes confined ways into that line and continue to grow which will create more clogging and backups. This will result in you having to call out a local Michigan plumber to assist. Tree roots are the number one cause of underground Plumbing damage and most plumbers can help you cut out these routes to make sure that your sewer lines and underground pipes are clear and ready for proper water flow.

Connect with the right plumber with the right equipment

You want to connect with a local Michigan plumber that has the right equipment for hydro jetting clogged drains or sewer lines if tree roots are your issue for blocked drains or toilet backups. We have drain cleaning professionals in Lake Orion Michigan, Detroit Michigan, and Sterling Heights Michigan.

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