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Noticing Drain Flies in Your Home

If you are washing dishes and notice fuzzy flies buzzing around the kitchen you may have a drain fly issue. Drain flies do live in your drain and can be taken care of by a plumber or pest control company in Michigan.

They like moist locations the best. Where ever you have food scraps is where they like to spend most of their time. They also like to hide in storm drains, sewer drains, sink drains, shower drains, or your septic tank. Drain flies look fuzzy and grey so keeps an eye out for them.

What drain flies like to do


Drain flies will most likely leave eggs around the house their favorite place to leave them is in soil. So we recommend you look at your potted plants. You as a homeowner most likely won’t notice a problem until you see a bunch of flies in the kitchen sink or bathroom sinks.

Once the eggs hatch the flies will become adults within 8 to 24 days and then die in about two weeks.

Most likely the reason you are seeing drain flies around your home is that you have drain clogs and an easy fix for this is a drain cleaning, call a local plumber in your area is beneficial. Drain flies mate and lays eggs in standing water. Putting off cleaning your drains for months will attract pests you don’t want around your home. Scheduling drain maintenance is fast and simple.

How to get rid of those drain flies

The best way to get rid of drain flies is to check the breeding grounds of your home and gets a regular drain cleaning.

If you want to try home remedies you can pour hot water down your drains twice a week with baking soda and let it sit with salt and vinegar overnight. Just remember to run hot water in the morning.

Apple cider vinegar is known to work to pour some in a container and place wrap over it and poke holes that are large enough for drain flies to go in and start catching them.

You can get a drain cleaning the areas of Macomb County, Oakland County, and Wayne County if you are dealing with n an infestation of drain flies.

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