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Keeping Your Drains Clear in Michigan

As plumbers, we know how frustrating it can be to deal with clogs in your home. From toilet issues to clogged pipes, plumbing repairs in Michigan can be expensive and a time-consuming inconvenience to some homeowners.

Drain clogs happen at times

clear drains

If you own a home at some point you have dealt with a clogged toilet or sink drain. Not only can clogged drains stop you from doing everyday tasks but if not taken care of right away can cause more damage to your plumbing system.

You can prevent these clogs from happening by taking the proper steps. Here are some tips to keeping your drains clear in Michigan so you don’t have to have a drain cleaning so often.

  1. You need to properly dispose of grease and food scraps and not down the sink. Coffee grounds and potato skins down the garbage disposal make a plumber shake their head. These items you put down in the sink can create clogs.
  2. Don’t flush wipes they are not designed to be flushed even though you have been told they are. They do not break down in your pipes they will build up and create clogs.
  3. You might want to purchase a drain screen. Hair and soap scrum is a build-up issue for your drains, especially your shower drain. To help prevent this drain screen may keep the water flowing in your shower and catch the hair at the surface.

Know what you’re putting down your sink

Being aware and knowing what you put down your drains can be the best step to preventing drain clogs and having a Macomb County or Oakland County plumber come out for a monthly drain cleaning. Not that a drain cleaning twice a year isn’t good for your pipes but you shouldn’t have a weekly date.

Plus if you are throwing cooking grease and bathroom wipes in the garbage you are already taking the proper steps to clog-free pipes and plumbing repairs in Michigan.

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