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Take Care of Drain Odors in Your House. Lake Orion MI Drain Cleaning Advice

The odor of a dirty drain can permeate throughout the house and that can’t be good when you’re always in your house or at any time during the year.

Your drains can slowly get clogged by the food you put down the drain and bacteria can grow on the food creating a bad smell.

How often do you clean house drains

drain cleaning in Lake Orion MI

You should try and clean your drains weekly or bi weekly to keep your drains fresh from odors. This will also keel your house clean and healthy for the family.

To keep your drains clean in the kitchen you will want to pour down some dry baking soda.

Follow that with some white vinegar and than plug the drain with an old rag. This will create a bubbling action so that’s why you want the old rag so it stays down in your pipes.  You will want to allow for 30 minutes letting this settle.

Next you want to bring a boiling pot. Remove the rag and pour the water down the drain.

The step after that you will want to put ice cubes down the drain (if you have a garbage disposal) so they can dislodge any food on the blades.

Lastly, you want to cut up some lemon slices to fresh up the drain. If you need a plumber you can call us at 248-775-5109.


If you need faster drain cleaning in Lake Orion Michigan

If your drains are still acting up after a week or so you will want to call a drain cleaner near you in Lake Orion Michigan to clear out the drains in your house.

Most plumbers in Lake Orion will do hydro jetting to clear most clogged drains. It’s a high pressure technique for house drains.

Call us today, 844-423-0056 for plumbing service in Michigan no matter what it is we can help you find the best solution to fixing your plumbing system or even fix your basement waterproofing issues in Lake Orion Michigan.

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