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Plumbing Tips You Must Know in Lake Orion Michigan. Lake Orion Plumbing and Drain

Everyone wants better plumbing in their homes and its tips like this that are going to help that.

plumbing tips for lake orion MI


Plumbing tips you must know in Michigan


If you have noisy pipes you might want to look at installing waster hammer arrestors this will stop the banging.


If you have low water pressure lets say in the shower it might be time to replace the shower head. You may have damaged the pressure regulator a local Lake Orion plumber can help you with this.


Sometimes clogs can be fixed by just cleaning out the assembly from the plate on the floor at times it can get caught up with hair and that can cause a slow drain but its an easy fix.


If you have a clogged sink actually use a plunger at first and than move to a power rod, using chemicals can harm the pipes and actually do very little for the blockage.


If your toilet is flushing itself this can mean that the toilet is leaking water and into the bowl. You can change the water level for a start and see if that helps but if not you can change the flapper.  A Lake Orion Plumber can help you with an easy install.


Your garbage disposal can be a touchy thing just be aware of the things that can’t go down it like corn shucks, corn silks, celery, and bones. You want to run water when you’re running the garbage disposal.


The plumbing services we run


For most plumbing fixes you can call a plumber in Lake Orion Michigan today. We run 24 hour plumbing service in Rochester, Clarkston, Oxford, and Grand Blanc.

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