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30 Things A Detroit Plumber May Not Share

Plumbing work can have its ups and downs but working with the right plumber is a good thing because not all Detroit plumbers will reveal these key points when it comes to plumbing systems for your home.

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  1. Emergency Rates: Plumbers might not disclose that emergency services come at a higher cost, so plan ahead for unexpected issues.
  2. Environmental Impact: Some plumbers may not mention eco-friendly options like low-flow toilets and faucets.
  3. Local Regulations: Plumbers in Detroit should be aware of local building codes and permits, but they might not mention them.
  4. Rusty Pipes: Detroit plumbers might not inform you about the possibility of rusty pipes, especially in older homes.
  5. Off-Hour Service: Ask about extra charges for after-hours service, which some plumbers may not disclose.
  6. DIY Troubleshooting: Plumbers might not encourage simple troubleshooting steps before calling them.
  7. Clogs and Blockages: Regular maintenance can help prevent costly clogs and blockages that plumbers may not emphasize. That’s why drain cleaning can be key for your home plumbing system.
  8. Overuse of Chemical Cleaners: Plumbers may not warn against the excessive use of chemical drain cleaners.
  9. Water Quality: Plumbers may not discuss the importance of water quality testing in your area.
  10. Hard Water Solutions: In regions with hard water, plumbers may not suggest water softening options.
  11. Repiping Needs: Plumbers might not mention when your home’s plumbing system requires a complete repiping.

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Have open communication with your local plumber

Always communicate openly with your plumber and ask questions to ensure you receive the best service and information specific to your situation in Detroit, Michigan.

  1. DIY Solutions: Plumbers may not always recommend simple DIY fixes to avoid losing business.
  2. Hidden Fees: Watch out for hidden charges like service call fees and diagnostic fees in the final bill.
  3. Upfront Pricing: Some plumbers don’t offer upfront pricing, leaving you unsure of the final cost.
  4. Warranty Terms: Always ask about warranty details on parts and labor.
  5. Drainage Issues: Plumbers might not mention potential long-term drainage problems if your plumbing system is old.
  6. Material Options: Discuss various material choices for fixtures, pipes, and fittings, as plumbers may not always provide alternatives.
  7. Maintenance Tips: Plumbers might not offer preventive maintenance advice to keep your plumbing in good shape.
  8. Permit Requirements: Depending on the work, permits might be needed, but not all plumbers inform you of this.
  9. Water Efficiency: They may not suggest water-efficient fixtures, which can save money in the long run.
  10. Pipe Replacement vs. Repair: Plumbers may lean towards replacement for financial reasons when a repair is possible.
  11. Work Guarantees: Ask about guarantees on work quality, which some plumbers may not readily offer.
  12. Fixture Replacements: Plumbers may not discuss replacing fixtures when a simple repair could suffice.
  13. Pipe Insulation: In colder climates like Detroit, plumbers may not stress the importance of pipe insulation to prevent freezing.
  14. Water Pressure: Plumbers may not reveal issues related to water pressure, which could lead to more extensive problems.
  15. Water Heater Maintenance: Regular water heater maintenance in Detroit can extend its life, but plumbers might not mention it.
  16. Septic Tank Care: If you have a septic tank in Detroit, plumbers might not share tips for maintaining it properly.
  17. Backup Prevention: Plumbers may not discuss the importance of backflow prevention devices to safeguard your water supply.
  18. Fixture Compatibility: Ensure your fixtures are compatible with your plumbing system, as plumbers may not highlight this.
  19. Insurance Coverage: Plumbers may not clarify what aspects of plumbing work are covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

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