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How To Clear Slow Drains

With blocked or clogged drains you will be able to notice if you have them sooner than later. If you see water that drains slowly or just stands still you may have a clog somewhere. If you washing dishes and you see pooling water you may need a drain cleaning.

If you see after you leave the bath that you have water still in the bath up to after an hour you may be dealing with a clog.

Sink drain clogs

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Even though sink drain clogs are annoying you don’t always have to spend a lot of money trying to find a local plumber that can help in Michigan. Some homeowners can unclog sinks themselves.

Here is what you can do before hiring a plumbing pro in your area of Michigan. When you have slow drains you may be in the weeks ahead notice a smell of some kind there is a variety of issues with clogged drains.

  1. Hair
  2. Soap
  3. Food
  4. Paper towels or bathroom accessories

Use hot water with your drains

You can try hot water or soap. At times hot water and dishwasher soap maybe solve the issue before you call for a local plumber. This technique can be helpful when you’re dealing with grease. First, you want to pour down one cup of dishwasher soap and then very hot water.

It’s never a bad idea to break out the plunger. Yes, you use a plunger for the toilet but did you know you can get a smaller plunger for the sink when you have drain issues? But before using these kinds of small plungers you want to get as much of the blockage out of the sink. Don’t try this method if you have already used a chemical drain cleaner for the sink.

Snake your drains

Snake the drain this is one of the best things to do you can pick up a drain snake at or its handy to have one before you call that plumber. Snaking a drain is best if you are dealing with hair clogs.

You can open up your P or S traps under the sink and snake out the drain that way just remember to put a bucket to catch the water or particles under the sink.

Look for a local plumber in your area

If you looking for a plumber in your area of Michigan? We are able to connect you to a plumber in Macomb County, Oakland County, or Wayne County. If none of the following work for you to unclog your drains it is time to call in the plumber. If you have something like a tree root growing through the pipe you are going to need professional help and these things do happen with plumbing backups.

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