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Summer Clog Drains in Macomb Michigan – Drain Cleaning Macomb Michigan

Macomb MI plumbing clogsA lot of people now have drain problems more than ever in the summer and we want to help you get the clog out.

So if your drains are clogged we have some helpful things you can do before you call out a plumber.

First, run hot water down the drain and do that for about 15 minutes. If that doesn’t work pour some vinegar down the drain and run hot water down the drain for 10 minutes. That should clear up any blocks you might have.

The reason you have clogged drains is from what we put down the drains like table scraps most table scraps should be put in the garbage and not down the drain. Another thing is the bathroom accessories we use should not be going down the drain those are bad for the pipes and can lead to clogs all the time.

Call us today, at 844-423-0056

Food and bathroom amenities are the worst. Did you know that a simple clog can be made by the hair and that’s a clog you can’t stop but you can watch out for now?

If you have a clog that just won’t go away and you need a Macomb Michigan plumber call us at 844-423-0056 and we will get your plumbing clogs taken care of today.  There is no time to wait on plumbing-type clogs because in the end they may turn out to be very expensive.

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