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Five Questions To Ask Before A Bathroom Remodel

If you have any questions before you start a bathroom remodel in Michigan we have five more to add to the list.

Starting a home renovation can be exciting but renovations should not be something you rush. You should have proper planning for any home renovation you want to do. And most homeowners’ number one place for a renovation is a bathroom remodel the next space is the kitchen. If you’re thinking of doing one soon, know that both add value to your home.

With bathroom remodels plumbing is involved so you may need to move slowly and with caution. Having a few plumbers in your local area of Michigan wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Bathroom renovations need to be well thought out and planned because you need the bathroom to be functional you don’t want to install a brand new toilet wrong. You want to really make sure the bathroom works for everyone in the house no matter age and ability.

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Need a Walk-In-Shower?

Bathroom remodels may need to be necessary with walk-in-tubs or showers to make life easier for everyone. Get multiple offers for walk-in-tubs in your area of Michigan today.

The questions to ask before a bathroom remodel

So think about these questions before you start changing paint colors and toilets.

  • What features do you want most? Here you want to have two categories the must-haves in the bathroom and the nice-to-have. In this stage, you want to make sure you think about your current bathroom setup and how you can improve it with a remodel. Do you need it more functional with space and storage or easier access like a walk-in bathtub in Michigan or a better tile bathroom floor? The bathroom may need two sinks or you might want to protect your bathroom from mold and mildew.
  • Is your bathroom worth the remodel? This is a question we all think about. For the most part yes if you’re looking to sell your home anytime soon a bathroom remodel in Michigan will add value to your home. But are you looking to remodel just for yourself because you need a new bathroom or are you remodeling to sell if so, do you want to be as neutral as possible for home buyers? Overall, a bathroom remodel is always worth the money.
  • The cost of a bathroom remodel? Can be pricey the average cost is around $10,000. When you’re remodeling your bathroom you may come across some expensive plumbing things such as pipes that need to be upgraded or fixed. Plumbing in Michigan with bathroom remodels can be challenging in some cases the plumbing may need to be reworked because you want a new bathroom layout. But if you are just looking to install new fixtures and title and vanity you may come out less than $7,000. But plumbing upgrades can hit the budget if you’re not careful. So we recommend that if you have a bathroom idea see what it’s going to cost and stick with that project.
  • What projects can you take on yourself? This really comes down to what are you comfortable working on when it comes to a bathroom remodel.  If you have never done a bathroom remodel it can be overwhelming and you may need some help. So now is the scope of the project so it doesn’t take months for you to complete. Changing showerheads or faucets may be easy for you but changing light fixtures to moving the plumbing may take a local plumber nearby for some installs to be done correctly.
  • Some homeowners may just opt for a local contractor to do their bathroom remodel in Michigan. But you want to hire the right licensed contractor for the project. You want to get multiple remodel quotes from local plumbers. Get a timeline of the work to be completed and see how they can work within your budget. Make sure the plumbing contractor you hire in Michigan has their license up to date. There are great perks to a local contractor they can work fast and they have access to materials and equipment you may not have access to so that is why most homeowners work with plumbing contractors near them.
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Want a Bathroom Remodel?

Does your bathroom need a remodel or some new upgrades? Or maybe you need more space or storage in your bathroom? If your bathroom feels outdated we have a solution for you with local bathroom remodeling contractors.

Bathroom remodeling plumbers

We have bathroom remodeling plumbers all over Michigan in areas of Lake Orion, Detroit, and Lansing to take care of the most complicated bathroom remodeling projects.

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